Further information: Kathy Sandberg & Deb Scheil: Connecting with Young People Across Generations

Expanded description:

Readings for the course will be a mixture of research studies, academic and media documents, and other media materials.  Class members will not be expected to purchase materials; links to materials available on the internet will be emailed to class members.

The format for each session will be:

  • Reflection/journaling and/ or reading prior to class (assigned at least one week prior to the class)
  • Activity based discussion based on pre-session work (see above)
  • Exploration of the session topic (see below) may include instructor led activities, video resources, small and whole group discussion.
  • Questions, assumptions about and challenges to relationship building and communication between generations based on the session topic.
  • Reflection on topic and identification of possible action steps; generate panel questions for Session 8
  • Wrap up and make assignments for next session

 Session Topics/Focus (subject to modification):

Session #1      

Examine the literature regarding generational characteristics

Reflect on personal experiences in comparison to characteristics

How are relationships developed and strengthened?

Session #2      

What are the experts saying about youth development?

Building blocks for healthy development

How do developmental assets affect relationship building efforts?

Session #3      

Where are you on the current technology wave?

How does this compare with other generations?

Trends in communications and social media

How might technology deter from or enhance communication and relationship building?

Session #4&5 

What brain development and societal issues provide reasons for young people to engage in risk behaviors?

Data regarding alcohol use, other drug use, and mental illness statistics will be shared from a variety of sources

How can a caring adult play a role in prevention?

Session #6      

Health challenges and indicators in adolescence; preventing health issues with long-term effects

Policy Issues related to health outcomes

Emerging health related issues and actions that pertain to children and youth

Session #7      

The changing face of educational systems – expectations, approaches and choices

Educating youth for the future – aspirations, skills and competency

The social aspects of school

Session #8        

What strategies are effective for creating and sustaining relationships with young people?

Youth Panel sharing aspects and experiences of young people today and responding to questions of participants

Creating an action plan