Registration is closed for Spring 2024.

Poetry 101Dan Van Tassel8 Mondays amVillage on the Cannon206Closed
“The Worldly Philosophers” – Still RelevantSteve Soderlind8 Mondays amNorth Community College Classroom2014Closed
“Everyone Loves His Illusions” – Films of Woody AllenPeter Bailey8 Wednesdays amZoom155Closed
History and Current State of U.S. PolicingJoe Moravchik8 Tuesdays amVillage on the Cannon00Cancelled
Quantifying ChanceThomas Drucker8 Tuesdays pmNorth Community College Classroom2011Closed
Democracy AwakeningPat Johnson and Elizabeth McKinsey8 Tuesdays pmVillage on the Cannon2020Closed
The Age of the RenaissanceLaurel Carrington8 Wednesdays amVillage on the Cannon209Closed
The Irish Literary Hit Parade Part 1 – 1904-1966Jim McDonnell8 Wednesdays pmVillage on the Cannon2020Closed
Focus on Northfield – A Closer Look at the Built EnvironmentBarbara Evans7 Thursdays amVillage on the Cannon1515Closed
Fixing American Health CareRaymond DeVries4 Thursdays amNorthfield Community College Classroom2012Closed
Braiding Sweetgrass-Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants, by Robin Wall KimmererSue Evans8 Thursdays pmNorthfield Community College Classroom1515Closed
To Infinity and BeyondPaul Zorn4 Thursdays pmVillage on the Cannon2013Closed
User’s Guide to the Immune SystemTed Johnson8 Fridays amVillage on the Cannon2019Closed
Making Health Care Decisions – Am I Sure I Want That?Rod Christensen, M.D.8 Fridays amKildahl Park Pointe209Closed
The Intersection of Theater, Religion, and Politics – Shifting AgendasPhilip Spensley8 Fridays pmKildahl Park Pointe2014Closed

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