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Key Modern U.S. Supreme Court DecisionsJohn Robison8 Mondays amZoom1515Closed
Women in MoviesEric Nelson8 Mondays pmZoom1515Closed
Three Comic Academic NovelsCarol Rutz8 Tuesdays amZoom159Closed
Bach’s Church MusicGerald Hoekstra8 Tuesdays pmZoom1515Closed
Issues in Bioethics: Clinical & Public Health EthicsKaren Gervais8 Wednesdays amZoom1515Closed
Frank Lloyd Wright: By the BookBarbara Evans8 Wednesdays pmZoom1515Closed
A Beautiful Dream: Alexander Faribault
     and the Founding of Minnesota
Sam Temple8 Thursdays amZoom1515Closed
U.S. National Security Policy Foundation & FutureDavid Sauer8 Thursdays pmZoom1515Closed
Modern Scientific CosmologyJoel Weisberg8 Fridays amZoom1515Closed
Conceptual and Ethical Issues in PsychiatryJerry Kroll &
Perry Mason
8 Fridays pmZoom158Closed

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