Fall 2021 registration as of September 16, 2021

Three Cold War Spy NovelsCarol Rutz8 Mondays amZoom1515Closed
Microbes, Immune Responses, and Emerging DiseasesTed Johnson8 Mondays pmFiftyNorth 1032019Open
The Cannon River Basin – its Rivers and Lakes:
Historical, Scientific, and Contemporary Perspectives
Mike Swift &
Gary Wagenbach
8 Tuesdays amVOC2020Closed
Myths and Music of the 1960sTim Madigan4 Tuesdays pmZoom1212Closed
“Only Connect” – Two Novels by E.M. Forster and Their Film VersionsAndrea Een8 Wednesdays amVOC2010Open
Explaining Riddles of Culture: “Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches”Daniel Sullivan8 Wednesdays pmVOC2020Closed
Christianity 2.0 – Jesus ReimaginedJohn Matthews8 Thursdays amZoom1515Closed
Debating Moral IssuesEd Langerak8 Thursdays pmZoom1515Closed
A River Runs Through ItArt Higinbotham8 Fridays amZoom1515Closed

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