Further information: Karen Gervais, Issues in Bioethics: Clinical and Public Health Ethics


Reading materials for this course will be mailed to each class member by Priority Mail.

  • Reading Packet ($11.15)
  • Free copy of Gervais, Redefining Death, Yale University Press, 1986

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Week 1: Introduction to Public Health and Clinical Ethics
                    Bioethical Positions Inventory 1-2
                    Article, “Please Don’t Tell” 3-4
                    Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe, Barrett et al ch 1 5-22

Week 2: Introduction to Public Health and Clinical Ethics (continued)
                    Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe, Barrett et al ch 1 22-37
                    ***Clinical Ethics Consensus Statements 38-40
                    Ethical Dimensions 1 pager 41
                    Homeless Patient Decision-making Case (Gervais) 42-45

Week 3: Infectious Disease Pandemic
                    “For the Good of Us All,” Minnesota Pandemic Ethics Project 2010 46-98
                    COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation: National Academies Press, chapter 3 99-123
                    “Is it Lawful and Ethical to Prioritize Racial Minorities…?” Schmidt et al 124-25
                    “Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation,” Hastings Center, 1/21 126-37
                    Pandemic Scenarios for Discussion (3) 138-40

Week 4: Culturally-Responsive Health Care
                    Review Clinical Ethics Consensus Statements (*** above)
                    Article, “Bioethics and Society” Gervais 141-45
                    Hmong cases from Healing by Heart
                    Infant with Down Syndrome and a Heart Defect and Commentaries 146-59
                    Vawter: Applying Healing by Heart Model 160-68
                    Pregnant Woman with Brain Hemorrhage and Commentary 169-76

Week 5: Disease-Specific Decision-making: Dementia
                    Review Clinical Ethics Consensus Statements (*** above)
                    John Arras article 177-85

Week 6: Death: A biological fact or a social construct?
                    Redefining Death, Gervais  (free book)
                    Encyclopedia of Bioethics article on Def’n of Death, Gervais 186-97
                    Dead Donor Rule, Rodriguez-Arias 198-201

Week 7: Organ Donation and Procurement
                    Verheijde et al 202-14
                    Issue 19: Troug, Miller, Veatch 215-19

Week 8: Dying Well: Palliative Options
Repeat Bioethical Positions Inventory, compare to answers 8 weeks ago – COMPARE TO YOUR RESPONSES AT BEGINNING OF COURSE
                    “Palliative Care Options of Last Resort” (article) 220-25
                    Case for discussion 226
                    “When the Personal Becomes the Professional,” Rebecca Dresser 227-31