How do you prefer to receive newsletters?

In our crowded lives,  the last thing we wish for is unwanted mail, email, or both.  We are always mindful of this when we publicize courses and events coming up in our organization.

Some prefer “hard copy” information,  and we’ve done this since our beginning, 22 years ago, with newsletters.  Presently this newsletter runs to 8 pages,  and we send it three times/year to a large mailing list by bulk mail, about a month before a new term comes up for registration.  This process costs us about a dollar per newsletter, most of which is for printing.  Like most organizations, we’d like to reduce this cost.

Email is the second, and much more cost-effective, of our publicity tools.  As of November 2019, we now manage this by sending you an announcement that components of the newsletter (course descriptions, class schedule, and registration form) are available on our website, and giving you a link to the website, .

Our third tool of course is the website itself.  Again, this is VERY cost effective, and offers a great deal of information.  It is available to anyone in the world who uses the web.

However, if you prefer a more personal connection–a paper newsletter by mail or an alert to its availability on the website by email–and don’t currently receive either of these, do let the webmaster know.  That person is currently Carol Rutz  (  Our best wishes for useful connections!