Further information: Richard Collman:  The Pipe Organ—King of Instruments

Required course text (readings assigned each week):  All the Stops: The Glorious Pipe organ and Its American Masters by Craig R. Whitney, available at Content Books, $19.32 (incl. tax) after 10% discount for participants or see www.bookfinder.com where used copies are listed for as little as $3.49. 

Brochure, “Timeline of the History of the Organ,” $5 per participant (added to registration).

Extended Course Description:  In addition to class presentations and discussions we will carpool to accomplish several “organ crawls” to different instruments found in churches, colleges, and a home in Northfield.  No previous musical experience is necessary. 

March 28: Getting our ears on with E. Power Biggs—demonstration of pipes and sounds, the unique combination of architecture, physics, metals, and wood working, demonstration of playing.

April 4: Getting our eyes on with the visual development of the pipe organ from the Pan pipes of Greece to the water-powered organ of the Romans to the present, using “Timeline of the Organ,” pictures, and slides.

April 11: Understanding how the organ works – putting a miniature pipe organ together, using “Orgelkids” via Holland and Sioux Falls, SD, with organ builder John F. Nordlie.

April 18: Organ “Crawl” in Northfield to “tracker” or mechanical action organs found at the United Methodist Church and St. John’s Lutheran; demonstrations, Q& A.

April 25: Organ “Crawl” to larger electro-pneumatic organs in Northfield: First United Church of Christ, Skinner Chapel at Carleton College.

May 2: Organ “Crawl” to smaller electro-pneumatic organs in Northfield: All Saints Episcopal Church, the home of Ernie and Phyllis Milbrandt (1812 Michigan Drive).

May 9: The Organ in America: “Pulling Out All the Stops”: DVD from the American Guild of Organists, excerpts from “Voices in the wind” organ factory, the gigantic Midmer-Losh organ in Atlantic City, NJ, and its restoration, responses, and discussion.

May 16: “Pipedreams” live with Richard at home—presentation at our home, 15 Fareway Drive, with recorded examples of the great variety of organ music, a “sonic feast.” (Plus possible treats.)

Meanwhile, students will be urged to listen to organ music in its infinite variety each Sunday morning with Michael Barone on PIPEDREAMS, beginning 6 am on MPR, 99.5 KSJN FM, also online 24/7 as www.pipedreams.org.  (Celebration of the 40th year of national syndication, a record in broadcast history.)