Bettye Ronning, CVEC Co-Founder

OUR VIKING QUEEN – from her children

Surrounded by love, our Mom, Grandmother, Great grandmother, Aunt, and Sister, Bettye Ruth Ronning passed away peacefully in her home in Northfield, MN. Dad, Ronald Henry, passed away 2 months and 1 day earlier, December 9, 2021.

Mom’s great joys were first and foremost her family, and friends. She loved setting a fine table to gather round and fill the house with music and laughter. Maintaining a safe space for us all to come to when life proved too daunting, or we just wanted to see her welcome us with love.

She was a gardener not only creating beautiful spaces outside for she and Ron to gaze over and smile, but to also fill the great need to grow, amend, and create within herself.

To dad, she was his best friend for life. “She made me Kinder”, he would say. Never one to pass up a good tease, Bettye kept Ron on his toes, and a smile on his face.

To her grandchildren she was Great grandma, Gran, Oma. Her biggest delight was hugging and holding those little ones. Celebrating in their life victories they shared with her as they grew.

To us, her children, she is Ma, and Mom, steadfast, loyal, funny, and lovely. So as her Granddaughter said, “If I could I would adorn her in flowers and set her afloat on the pond, in a Viking funeral.”

We adorned her body in flowers after death and stood as she passed. Each reaching out with a gentle touch to send her on her journey.

We will forever miss our Viking Queen.