Registrations may be submitted online by going to then to the online registration form.  A paper registration form can be found by clicking the link below, as an attachment to the newsletter or available at FiftyNorth. The form may be mailed to CVEC at P.O. Box 861, Faribault, MN 55021 or placed in the CVEC drop-box at FiftyNorth. If registering by paper, please include a check covering the course fee (tuition and, in some cases, fees for other materials) payable to CVEC, or check the box for financial assistance. Books, other materials, and travel, when specified for a class, are extra.

In general, CVEC will have a six-week registration period before the start of each term, divided into two periods of approximately three weeks each. The first three-week period is called the “initial registration period.”  All registrations received by CVEC by 6:00 p.m. on the last day of the initial registration period are treated as arriving at the same time, so they have equal time priority.  We do this so that people don’t feel pressured into choosing a course immediately in order to secure a spot.  

If at the end of the initial registration period more people have requested a course than there are spaces available, then that course is over-subscribed. In that event, we fill the course according to the following principles:  

            (1)       In keeping with CVEC’s mission, courses are generally available only to persons age 50 or over, and their spouses of any age.  Persons younger than 50 may attend with express permission as spaces are available.  

            (2)       All students who registered for a previous offering of the same course but were excluded from the course by random selection will have first priority.  

            (3)       Students registering for their first CVEC course will have second priority, as long as they fill no more than half of the places in that course.  

            (4)       For students attending by Zoom, preference will be given to those students residing in CVEC’s traditional geographic area (about one hour’s drive from Northfield).  

            (5)       Students registering for multiple courses during the initial registration period cannot be enrolled in more than one oversubscribed course.   

            (6)       For all other students, available seats will be assigned by random selection.   

Registrations received after the initial registration period will be accepted in chronological order as received, subject to space availability.  

Confirmation of registration will be sent by email or postcard.  Please note that you are not considered admitted to a course until you get confirmation from CVEC. If you are excluded from an oversubscribed course, you will be notified promptly by email or phone. You may register for another course or receive a refund.  If you successfully register for a course that fills to the class limit and then find that you will not attend, please notify the Registration Director promptly so that another student may take your place.  

CVEC reserves the right to alter, interpret, or otherwise modify these procedures as may be appropriate, including increasing or decreasing class size.  CVEC may cancel a course due to under-enrollment or other factors beyond CVEC’s control.  

Last modified: January, 2024