Fall 2022 Registration begins in August.

What will I need in order to take an online course?

Learn about the requirements for taking our online courses.

To register with paper form

Registrations can be mailed to FiftyNorth or deposited in the registration box there. Include course fee (tuition and, in some cases, fees for materials), payable to CVEC, or check the financial assistance box. Books, other materials, and travel, when specified for a class, are extra.

To register with online form

The online registration form (link above) can be used for individual students who are not seeking financial assistance. If you wish to register as a couple or request financial assistance, please complete the paper form.

The registration process

The formal registration period extends from the publication of this page until March 7th. Registrations after then will be accepted on a space-available basis.

Registrations can be submitted on paper or online, following the instructions above.

All registrations received by 6:00 pm on March 7th will be treated as arriving at the same time. Random selection will be used to fill any oversubscribed courses. After March 7th, class availability and enrollment numbers will be updated periodically at cvec.org and posted at FiftyNorth. Confirmation of registration will be sent by email no later than March 11th.

If your course is oversubscribed, you will be notified by March 8th via email. If you register by 6:00 pm on March 7th and are not admitted to an oversubscribed course, you may register for another course or receive a refund. When one or more courses are oversubscribed, students are normally admitted to each in the following order (using random selection when necessary):

(1) all students who registered for a previous offering of the same course but were not then admitted by random selection;

(2) students registering for their first CVEC course, as long as they fill less than half of the places in that course;

(3) other registrants, except that normally no student will be admitted to more than one oversubscribed course.