Public events at
 Carleton’s Weitz Center

(Note: times and venues are subject to change. Carleton recommends verifying before you attend: .)
All events listed are open to the public with no admission charge.


Film (Weitz Cinema)

Mon., Feb. 24     7:00    International Film Forum: Short Films by Nayra Sanz
Nayra Sanz Fuentes will present her latest non-fiction short films, made since 2017. This group of four short films represents a dystopic vision of contemporary society. Here the director approaches public spaces and, almost without intervening in them, presents a series of timeless issues that reappear in the contemporary world: marginality, death, migration, capitalism or the implications of the technological revolution in our lives.


Music (Kracum Performance Hall)

Sun., Feb. 23      3:00    Chinese Ensemble Concert
The Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble performs on traditional bowed strings, plucked strings, winds and percussion instruments. Their repertoire includes Chinese classical, folk, percussion, minority, and 
contemporary music. The Chinese Ensemble Combos will also perform.

Thu., Feb. 27      8:15    Jazz Concert
The Carleton Jazz Ensemble, whose focus is on improvisation and the fusion between jazz, rock, funk and Latin influences; the vocal stylings of Scattitude; and the Jazz Chamber Groups. This term, the Carleton Jazz Ensemble will be joined by nationally known drummer Todd Strait.

Sun., Mar. 1        3:00    Carleton Choir Concert: Carmina Burana
The Choir’s Winter 2020 program presents Carl Orff’s masterwork complete with professional soloists, a chamber orchestra of percussionists, and guest choristers from Carleton’s faculty and staff. Featuring Justin Staebell, baritone, and Tracey Engleman, soprano. With Matthew McCright and Nathan Proctor on pianos.


Theater (Weitz Theater)
     Reservations for all performances:

Thu., Feb. 27      7:30    That Wilderness of Glass: What Others Saw Resembles Nothing That Is Ours

Our bodies caught in That Wilderness of Glass yearn for a time beyond death and the wearisome 
destruction of the earth. We decompose, reanimate, and nightmarishly transform through cycles of alliance, control, life and death within a strange world created by those who remain. We find unknowing memories in forbidden things and fragments of a ruined reality.

Fri., Feb. 28        7:30    That Wilderness of Glass
                            9:00    Trey Alberg ’20 Theater Comps: Bull
In his one act play Bull, Mike Bartlett exposes the dog-eat-dog world mentality through three business colleagues, who are awaiting the news that one of them is going to be fired.

Sat., Feb. 29       2:00    Trey Alberg ’20 Theater Comps: Bull
                            7:30    That Wilderness of Glass


Talk and Reception

Fri., Feb. 28        7:00    Talk (Weitz 236)
                            7:00-9:00    Reception (Perlman Teaching Museum)
Events for “Site Specific: Contemporary Cuban Photography and Film” (see Exhibitions, below)


Exhibitions (Perlman Teaching Museum)

Imperfect Cinema: Respond, Work, Play (ends Apr. 26)

Taking its cue from the title of the canonical essay by film maker and scholar Julio García Espinosa this exhibition, consisting of three programs of short films, upholds a politic of imperfection, or as García Espinosa says, a “partisan” and “committed” poetics a “committed” art, a consciously and resolutely “committed” cinema — that is to say, an “imperfect” cinema”.

Site Specific: Contemporary Cuban Photography and Film (ends Apr. 26)

Selections from the Madeleine P. Plonsker Collection of Contemporary Cuban Photography.  A group of photographs chosen to highlight their evocative connection to a specific sense of Cuba in space and time. With more than 25 artists represented, this collection describes a unique place as well as what Plonsker calls these artists’ “restless energy, controlled by infinite patience.”